We enjoyed Pancake Races in the Infant site on Shrove Tuesday.

In Religious Education Year 3  learnt about  Pancake Day, known to  Christians as Shrove Tuesday.

From brilliant contributions, the  children quickly discovered that Shrove Tuesday marks the  beginning of Lent where Christians prepare for Easter by giving up or sacrificing something for 40 days and 40 nights, just like Jesus did as he walked through the dessert.   Furthermore, they learnt that Christians

believe this is also a new beginning and a time of forgiveness as Jesus was placed on the Earth to take away sins.

As a result of this, the children recorded on a pancake something they wanted to be forgiven for.

These included not following instructions, teasing  brothers and sisters and making a mess!  After this, the children were allowed to flip their pancakes over, symbolising a turning over of a new leaf (or pancake!) and being forgiven.  The children were fully engaged in this activity and are looking forward to the next steps in their Easter journey!




Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day