Our School vision is to provide all children with the opportunities to reach their academic, creative and physical potential, in a stimulating, caring, safe and inclusive learning environment.

At Bryony we believe that the promotion of good behaviour, good attendance and the development of self-respect and of respect for others are essential foundations for a positive and effective learning and teaching environment.  We aim to ensure that from the very youngest to those on the threshold of secondary school are encouraged to care about one another and their school environment and to value each other as individuals, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 Equalities Act.  Values of respect for staff and other pupils and an understanding of the value of education are reinforced by staff and older pupils, who set a good example to the rest.

Alongside our school vision are our school values: C.A.R.E.

C – Cooperation

A – Aspire and Achieve 

R – Respect   

E – Empathy

 These values underpin all that we do within our whole school community and provide an ethos to ensure that our children live happy, safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.