Bryony School provides a broad, balanced and inspiring education, where children are challenged to achieve the extraordinary. You only have to look at some of the activities in our classes to see how our teachers are pushing the boundaries of what you might expect the respective age groups to be learning. We encourage independence of thought and the confidence to question and investigate.

Celebrating the achievements of our pupils is an important part of our school culture. Weekly we celebrate the Housepoints across the school, Stars of the Week and the Mystery Student.   We also have two particularly important occasions a year where we take time to reflect on the academic, sporting and music achievements of the past year:

  • Speech Day which is a prize-giving event attended by pupils and their parents or guardians from Reception upwards. It’s a happy occasion but also a sad one as we say goodbye to our Year 6 pupils who will be going to secondary school.
  • Pre-School Graduation which is a time for our 3-4 year olds to get dressed up in special graduating gowns and mark the important transition to ‘big school’.

11 Plus Results

Bryony School has an excellent reputation for success at grammar school and independent school entry at 11. Unlike many other schools, every child is given the opportunity to sit the selection tests for secondary school. We do not pre-select those we enter into Medway and Kent Age 11 Assessments (11 plus) in order to maintain our excellent results. We value the contribution and progress made by all our pupils. This means that when our results are aggregated into some league tables, the performance of all our pupils in any one year is compared to a selective amount in other schools who have been put forward because their school thought they would definitely pass.

Parents should therefore treat such indicators with caution as they are not reliable indicators from which to generalise the academic performance of our school.

Year % taking the Medway or Kent Selection test (11 plus) % going to Grammar School of those who sat test
2007/2008 100% 100%
2008/2009 100% 82%
2009/2010 100% 82%
2010/2011 100% 64% * (4 children went instead to an Independent School)
2011/2012 100% 90%
2012/2013 100% 73%
2013/2014 100% 86%
2014/2015 100% 80%
2015/2016 88% 87%
2016/2017 100% 83%
2017/2018 100% 75%
2018/2019 100% 70%
2019/2020 94% * 70%

Leavers’ Destinations

The children leaving Bryony School in Year 6 mainly gain admission into Rainham Mark Grammar School, Rochester Grammar School for Girls, Sir Joseph’s Mathematical School for Boys, Chatham Grammar School for Boys, Chatham Grammar School for Girls, Fort Pitt Grammar School for Girls, Borden Grammar and Highsted Grammar. A small number of children move on instead to other independent schools.  * 6% going to an overseas Independent Secondary School so did not take the test (2019/20).