French is taught weekly. The children are encouraged to develop the language skills they learnt in the Infants school and to appreciate French culture, customs and traditions. There are opportunities for listening, speaking, reading, writing and comprehension.

The younger junior children practice their conversation skills by using puppets initially then talking in small groups. Songs, chants and role play activities help develop their listening and aural memory skills and vocabulary. Topics such as ‘Ma famille’, ‘Les animaux’ and ‘Les vêtements’ focus on aspects of everyday life.

The older junior children learn the language they need to talk about their town, their school and the wider world in which they live. There is an emphasis on key sounds and correct pronunciation. Learning about historical figures such as Napoléon and Jeanne d’Arc and artists such as Matisse; writing a Christmas newspaper; eating a French breakfast and enjoying French cheese tasting enables the children to have an awareness of France and French culture.