Art is a powerful tool for learning. The art and design curriculum at Bryony strives to stimulate children’s natural impulses to be creative and to promote imagination and observational skills. All aspects of the Art National Curriculum are fully explored and the results achieved are of an extremely high standard.

Children use colour, texture, pattern and different materials to communicate what they see, feel and think.

We combine the art curriculum at Bryony where practicable with topics in other subjects. This helps pupils appreciate purpose in their work and assists teachers in giving a more complete view of each topic. It also provides the opportunity to study cultures, artists, crafts people and designers.
Each year group studies the life and works of a particular artist:

Year 3 – Vincent van Gogh Year 4 – Pablo Picasso,
Year 5 – Bridget Riley / Mondrian Year 6 – Rembrant / L.S.Lowry.

Some of the art curriculum is planned according to special events and activities which occur during the year including: Harvest Festival, Guy Fawkes, Christmas and the competition to design the programme for the Bryony annual Christmas Carol Service.
The Junior Art studio is well worth a visit to observe the talents of our young artists and designers of the future.

“We are all very proud of the art standard and creativity of the children at Bryony. I am in a very privileged position. I see wonderful art work produced each day by our talented children”. Mrs Antoinette Phillips, Teacher and Art Specialist

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he or she grows up”. Pablo Picasso