Nothing can prepare you for the sound of thousands of children singing in harmony. Young Voices combines the power of singing together as one, with accompaniment from a wide range of musicians and artists, to create an amazing performance.

Every year, schools across the country practice music with their teachers to prepare themselves to take part in these massive concerts. With a full live band, backing singers and the internationally acclaimed conductor David Lawrence,

it makes for one of the most exciting and memorable musical experiences you can imagine.  All the music is specially selected and  arranged to give the children the widest variety of songs to perform. We also hope that by  providing a diverse range of musical styles children will learn, enjoy, and gain a greater, fuller              understanding of music.  Children and teachers particularly enjoy the combination of dancing and singing, adding an electric atmosphere or – ‘tingle factor’ – to the concerts.  Singing in such a large choir means you don’t have to be a great singer – as long as you sing loud and proud you’ll have a fantastic experience!

This year we attended the first of the concerts at the O2.  The music was from Coldplay, Blondie, Kylie, The Bangles, The Cure, Moana, and a  finale from The Greatest Showman!  A mixture of contemporary and classic music, with fabulous special guests – Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) and Beau Dermott (Britain’s Got Talent); it was an amazing night. All the hard work of learning the songs, words and dance moves came to fruition. It was fantastic to have so many  families and friends with us to enjoy the experience.

Thank you to the parents for supporting us with this event in attending the concert and also supporting and encouraging the children to learn all of the words and dance moves. Thank you to Mrs. Ware and Mrs. Atkins for accompanying us to the O2 and giving up valuable time. Finally thank you to Mrs. Notley and Mrs. Prenter for arranging our participation in the event.                         Mr Johnson

Bryony School at the Young Voices Concert O2