The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum shape our educational programme: communication and language; physical development; and personal, social and emotional development; literacy; mathematics; understanding the world; and expressive arts and design.

The Lower Pre-school focuses each week on a letter and number together with a termly topic. Children are encouraged to bring in items from home to contribute to the collective understanding.

Each child will initially have an ‘abc sounds’ book. This is taken home in their ‘book bag’ together with a contact book. The children also visit the Library Bus to borrow books to take home.

Some of the activities that our children will encounter on a regular basis include role play, messy play, construction, small world, painting, drawing, music and singing. The children also participate in the annual Infants Sports Day.

Exploring the big outdoors

We spend lots of time outside doing activities such as role play, sand and water play, gardening and using our outdoor play equipment. We enjoy walking to the local woodlands and park in all weather conditions. We also take the children further afield such as to Kent Life. We also have a range of visitors including: our local policeman with his car, firemen with a fire engine and of course Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny! Parents are welcome to come and talk about their jobs, hobbies or culture related to our topic work.

Play uniform

In response to feedback from a number of parents, we have introduced the option of a comfortable play uniform for the Lower Pre-school. It is available to purchase from Friends of Bryony School (F.O.B.S.) via the school office. This uniform is not compulsory. Your child is still free to wear their own clothes.