Bryony School is an independent primary school in Rainham, Kent established in 1956. We aim to provide the best possible start for every child aged up to 11 years.

We keep class sizes typically around 10 to 12 children which enables all children to feel secure, happy and confident within a warm and friendly environment.

Teachers really know and understand every single child. Equally the children themselves know everyone and follow other children’s successes, performances and sporting records as they pass through the school. Some parents are former pupils and some teachers former parents which all helps add to the strong community feel here.

Children play and interact with different classes and age groups much more than they would in a larger school. This gives them a confidence and empathy which prepares them well for secondary school. However, we do not believe in mixing our Year groups. We provide an equality of opportunity and experience which favours every boy and girl and allows each to reach their potential.

Pupils benefit from outstanding teaching by our dedicated and talented staff who work in partnership with parents to support each child’s learning.

Junior pupils are taught by specialist teachers for all subjects. We offer a wide breadth of subjects and activities, pursued to the highest levels. We have consistently high expectations of every child which leads them to achieve remarkable results. Academic success is reflected in our excellent track record in the Medway and Kent 11 plus selection tests. Every child is given the opportunity to sit the selection tests, we do not pre-select those children that we enter in order to maintain our results.
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We had an Ofsted Inspection on 24th January 2017. This report confirms that the school meets all of the Independent School Standards.

 “There is a culture of vigilance. In this small school, strong relationships between staff, pupils and parents ensure that pupils’ welfare and safety is paramount”. (Ofsted, January 2017)

Please click here for the latest Ofsted report.

 Our key strengths, as verified by Ofsted at our Inspection on 4-6 May 2016 included:

  1. The achievements of the children and outcomes.We have repeatedly very high pass rates in the 11 + selection tests and at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. As Ofsted verified, we had ‘well above the national average’ in our Key Stage 1 and ‘much higher than the national average’ in Key Stage 2 tests, which means that ‘pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education’. The inspectors felt that ‘pupil’s achieve well and make good progress from their starting points’. The varied curriculum was praised as having ‘a positive impact on pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’.
  1. The expertise of the teaching staff. Ofsted found that ‘teachers are committed and highly experienced’. They are ‘skilled at providing carefully tailored work so that each pupil can make good progress’. ‘Teachers provide tasks that match pupils’ needs and interests. Because of this, pupils are enthusiastic about their writing’.3. The good behaviour of our pupils. Ofsted found that the ‘children work in a calm and purposeful atmosphere’, that ‘pupils take pride in their achievements’.  ‘The self –confidence of the pupils and their good attitudes to learning which are reflected in carefully presented work’. The pupils also ‘understand and talk about the ‘importance and respect for different faiths and religions’.
  1. There was recognition of the ‘rich programme of extra curricular activities’, which we have worked hard to develop.
  1. Early Years feedback was positive. For example: children ‘make strong progress in developing early literacy and mathematical skills’ and ‘teachers plan activities that capture children’s interests’.

We are incredibly proud of our school, which has wonderful teaching staff, kind and hardworking children, small classes and caring and supportive parents. Providing a first class start to the lives of our pupils is what motivates and inspires us.

 We are grateful for the continued support from our parents and staff.

Please click here for our Ofsted reports.