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 Traditional values and small classes


We use mealtimes as an opportunity to develop and encourage children's eating and social skills. The children are taught to wash their hands before snack and any meal. Varied and nutritious hot lunches are prepared and served daily by our staff on a three week rotating menu. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available each day.

Special diets for vegetarian, medical or religious purposes are available on request. We are keen to work with parents at all times to ensure that the dietary needs of our children are met.

Packed lunches

Children may instead bring packed lunches but we advise parents to ensure that these are healthy and nutritious. We suggest that packed lunches should contain fresh fruit and/or vegetables and no more than one ‘pudding’ item. Sweets, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks are not allowed. Packed lunch containers should be unbreakable with no glass containers. The Children’s Food Trust provides some useful advice.


Break time

Children in Year 1 and above should bring their own healthy break time snack into school. For those in our Early Years classes, we provide a variety of healthy snacks for the children each day instead. All under 5s are entitled to free milk each day from the Government.
All children may bring in additional snacks if they stay after school.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We are a ‘nut free’ school! No nuts or nut-related products should be brought into school please.


We encourage children to have their own water bottle in school. Keeping hydrated aids concentration. Special water bottles which have an antibacterial interior may be purchased from Friends of Bryony School (F.O.B.S) via the school office or children can bring their own.



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